Friday, 8 February 2013 - How is Sub Ad Port binary calculated?

Sub Ad Port binary is paid when - Main Ad Port binary balancing, for that day, is at least 10% of the highest eligible level of any 6 levels of Sub Ad Port binary. Till Sub Ad Port binary is not paid, both the teams in Sub Ad Port table are carry forwarded. 

Example 1: If an Affiliate is at 40 : 40 level, the binary will be paid only if, in Main AdPort table he/she has a balancing of at least 4 : 4; Same applies on all 6 levels of Binary. 

Example 2: Continuing the above example, in case an Affiliate is at 40: 40 level, and the Main AdPort table table balancing is less than 4 : 4, the SubAdPort binary gets carry forwarded to next day; 

Example 3: In case an Affiliate is at 80 : 80 level, and the Main AdPort table balancing is 4 : 4, the binary is paid for highest eligible level i.e. 40 : 40 and the weaker team gets flushed out. Same applies for all levels of Binary.

The 6 levels are shown below : - Daily Income 1.5% for 100 days, 10 Impression Points per adport, Direct Referral 5% (Unlimited Depth),   Binary Commission 10% (Unlimited Depth), Minimum Investment and payout 20$

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